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Refrigeration Compressors that are Explosion Proof, Corrosion-Resistant, and Made for Harsh and Severe Environments

1/4 hp harsh duty air conditioner compressor

Small 1/20hp - 1 hp

2-ton-harsh-duty-air-conditioner compressor

Medium 1hp - 10 hp

15 ton harsh duty air conditioner compressor

Large 10hp - 25hp

Overview of APS Harsh Duty Refrigerant Compressors

Our compressors are hermetically sealed and have encapsulated flame-proofed electrical connections which are protected by heavy steel casings that are virtually impenetrable to gases, dusts and liquids. The enclosures also allow easy access for wiring. The units come with a variety of anti-corrosion coatings, some of which can withstand submersion in sea water.

Capacities range from fractional to twenty-five (25) horsepower. APS makes compressors for most voltages and for 50 and 60 hertz service. Most refrigerants can be used including CFCs, HCFCs and the newest HFCs developed to protect the environment.

Underwriters Laboratories' (UL)

Since 1997, APS compressors have been the first and only hermetic refrigeration compressors in the world which have Underwriters Laboratories' (UL) specific recognition for use in locations classified as hazardous.

Units made for Classes I, II and III, Groups B, C, D, E, F, G, Division1 / Zone 1 or Division 2 / Zone 2 locations.

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  • Build and repair air conditioning and refrigeration systems installed in explosive, dirty or corrosive environments.
  • Obtain UL, ETL and other NRTL listings much more quickly and less expensively by using APS harsh duty compressors that are already officially recognized for hazardous environments. No other compressors are UL recognized for hazardous environments.
  • Extend the life of the compressors and electrical connections in harsh environments with heavy-duty enclosures and a choice of standard and special coatings. APS protects all its compressors with anti-corrosion coatings, but additional protection is available.
  • Eliminate the possibility of static electricity forming on belts in hazardous environments and of the belts themselves corroding, wearing, collecting dust, or slipping.
  • Make construction and installation of air-conditioning and refrigerating systems faster, easier and less expensive while increasing the flexibility of the designs.
  • Replace open compressors, their motors and belts, and thereby reduce noise and vibration.
  • Eliminate the refrigerant leaks from the seals on open compressors (APS hermetic compressors have no seals, only brazed and Rotolock connections).
  • Make replacement of compressors easy, fast and simple enough to be more economical than replacing the entire host unit, even when labor is costly.
  • Build "explosion-proof" systems with compressors which allow user permanent easy access to electrical connections.
  • Construct "explosion-proof" hermetic systems using only UL-recognized components.
  • Repair and upgrade equipment despite restricted budgets for new equipment.

Why Use APS Compressors?

  • No other compressors are expressly recognized by Underwriters Laboratories as safe for use in either Division 1 / Zone 1 or Division 2 / Zone 2 locations in any Class or Group.
  • When you assemble a complete product you can be assured that the compressor is safe for the indicated environments and therefore that part of the unit will not have to be tested to be sure it is safe, thereby reducing the costs of UL, CSA, Intertek ETL and other NRTL (nationally-recognized testing laboratory) listing of your products.
  • The threaded plug on the 3 1 /2 " (8.9 cm) ID enclosure makes wiring, and even rewiring, easy.
  • APS protects all its compressors with anti-corrosive coatings to assure long life in corrosive environments.

Types Of Locations

Hazardous (Explosive)

Airplane Hangars

Alcohol And Extract Plants

Chemical Plants

Coal And Coke Plants


Dry-Cleaning And Dyeing Plants

Explosives Manufacturers

Flour And Feed Mills

Fragrance And Extract Plants

Grain Elevators


Military Ships



Oil Refineries

Paints And Solvents

Paper-Manufacturing Plants

Pharmaceutical Plants

Process And Product Analyzers

Quality-Control And Research Laboratories

Refueling Facilities

Sewage And Water Treatment Plants


Textile Plants

Vehicle Air Bag Manufacturers

Corrosive, Dusty or Other Severe-Duty / Harsh-Duty Environments

Aluminum Plants

Athletic Clubs


Barges And Bulk Carrier Ships

Cement And Aggregate Plants

Construction Vehicles

Crane, Drag Line, And Shovel Cabs

Drills, Excavators And Loaders

Fish-Processing Plants



Metal-Plating Facilities

Military Vehicles


Ocean-Going Ships

Off-Highway Trucks

Paper And Pulp Mills

Pcr Switchrooms

Recycling Facilities

Sewage-Treatment Plants



Steel Plants

Swimming Pools



Utility Plants

APS Compressors

Our line of hazardous and explosion-proof compressors

1/4 hp explosion proof air conditioner compressor

Smaller compressors

Smaller compressors APS' small fractional-horsepower compressors are ideal for manufacturing such products as laboratory refrigerators, analyzers, cooling baths, and water-fountains, typically, with capacities that range from 1/20 hp to 1 hp. As with the medium and large compressors, UL (Underwriters Laboratories) has individually evaluated each and every model and has specifically recognized that all APS' hazardous-duty compressors are suitable for use in the presence of explosive gases or dusts. All APS' small (fractional) models are tough and durable reciprocating compressors, never rotary style.

2 ton severe duty air conditioner compressor

Medium compressors

Medium compressors Designers and users typically use APS' mid-range compressors for applications such as air conditioners, small process chillers, and sampling equipment. Their capacities range from 1 hp (horsepower) to 10 hp. Like the all other APS models, makes these compressors durable and corrosion resistant and installed around the world in critical petro-chemical, military and processing applications. All APS models are hermetically sealed, and all are tough scroll or reciprocating compressors.

15 ton harsh severe duty air conditioner compressor

Larger compressors

Larger compressors APS' largest compressors are typically used for such applications as air conditioning, larger process chillers, and gas recovery. They have capacities that range from 10 hp (horsepower) to 25 hp and offer most electrical configurations. As it does with all its compressors, APS makes these compressors durable and quiet as well as explosion-proof and corrosion-resistant to enable manufacturers and users to install them offshore and onshore into harsh-duty air conditioners, chillers, and refrigeration systems. All the compressors are hermetically sealed, and all are durable scroll or reciprocating-style compressors.

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