Many environments can quickly become explosive environments if they are not properly taken care of or ventilated when it comes to petroleum or chemical plants. APS makes a variety of explosion proof and corrosion resistant products that can easily assist with the ventilation and cleaning air while reducing the maintenance of your filter systems as well as protecting against possible explosions.  APS’ explosion proof compressors are perfect for this type of environment. The base compressor is adapted to have the electrical connections be inside an explosion-proof enclosure (virtually the same as a flame-proof enclosure) to assure that:

  • Hazardous gases and dusts cannot reach the electrical connections
  • If harmful gases or dusts manage to enter the housing and explode (for instance, when someone opens the enclosure in the hazardous environment and traps the explosive gas or dust inside), the enclosure will contain the explosion and will not let it escape into the atmosphere

APS has also developed the first Air-Cleaning BlowersTM (ACBs) that simultaneously move air and clean out the particles. And they do that without any filter media to clog, to reduce airflow or pressure, or that requires maintenance!—even in hazardous locations. These products are simply and durably constructed with heavy duty materials to make them reliable, and easy to maintain, all while being virtually impenetrable by gases, dusts and liquids which prevents explosions.

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