Loading facilities of any kind as well as silos are known for being dust breeding grounds. Having too much dust, particles and sand in the air can be harmful for plant equipment as well as any employees passing through. APS’s hazardous-duty Air Cleaning Blowers work well in these types of enclosures. Built durably to withstand the harshest of environments, ACB’s are made without any filter media that could clog, or even rupture when they are fully loaded, defeating the purpose of the unit. Filtering the air of dust and other particles and dropping them back into where they originated without any filter media also means little to no replacement/maintenance is required either.  When the conditions require cooling, APS can supply hazardous-duty compressors for Class II Groups E (metal dusts), Group F (carbon black, coke, and coal dusts), Group G (such dusts as flour, grains, plastics, and wood) and Class III (textile and other flyings) for both Divisions/Zones 1 and 2,

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