Solid waste disposal, recycling and water treatment facilities are constantly exposed to hazardous materials such as gases, particles, dusts, and other explosives and flammables, many of which can lead to the corrosion, malfunctioning and even explosion of machines being used to run the plant. APS designs its “explosion proof” compressors specifically for these types of environments so that manufacturers can build relatively compact, quiet and long-lived chillers, air conditioners and refrigerators for use in these tough conditions.  APS’ Air Cleaning BlowersTM are here to help too! ACBs are also made hazardous environments.  Not only do they move the air in these places for ventilation, exhausting and pressurization, they also remove the dust, sand and other particles in the air as they blow it to its application.  They also clean the air without filter media that needs to be purchased, serviced and disposed of, often putting creating “hot spots” that put the maintenance people at risk.  This means better air quality at lower long-term cost.