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Industrial Sales

Small, rapidly growing manufacturer of industrial HVAC equipment needs a salesman/saleswoman to help continue its expansion with a new product line.Customers use our air moving and cleaning products in manufacturing plants, military installations, ships, mines, transit systems, and many other harsh environments around the world. Our customer base includes OEMs, distributors, contractors, designers and end users. We need a person who can work with their staffs and ours to increase sales and to support our worldwide marketing efforts.At first, you will operate entirely in-house and will focus on responding to contacts from prospective customers, preparing proposals, and increasing those contacts through other marketing efforts. As your experience and knowledge increase, your opportunities to grow will also.In addition to our training, we require at least 5 years of sales experience with a manufacturer of industrial or commercial HVAC equipment, ideally with good exposure to ventilation and pressurization equipment. Experience selling on the road is a must as well.

The primary role is to make the first contact with prospective customers, analyze their needs, prepare proposals for them, and close the sales. Additional functions will include bringing feedback to the marketing people to improve their knowledge of the market and of its responses to the products and to their marketing efforts. You will also help to develop product and promotional materials and to work at trade shows. In addition, you will work with engineering, R&D and production people to help them understand how their work is perceived and used by customers, why they buy or don’t buy, and offer ideas on how they can change the products (or develop new ones) to improve their functionality, appeal and customer satisfaction.

Necessary Skills and Background:
Excellent English speaking, reading and writing skills
Competence in Word and Excel
Knowledge of a CRM is useful
HVAC manufacturing experience

Desirable Skills and Background:
Experience in evaluating HVAC projects
Ventilation and pressurization experience
Inside and outside sales
Solid grounding in mechanical engineering and/or industrial design

Personal Attributes:
Ability to recognize and capitalize on opportunities in the market and to share them with others in the Company
Inquisitive and anxious to learn and to take initiative
Excellence at breaking down and explaining concepts
Enjoy working with hands and with users
Patience, especially with prospective customers
Preference for new projects over doing the “same old thing”
Able to work with others so all are comfortable

Our need is immediate. Earnings will combine salary and incentives. We are located in Highland, NY. This position will start in house and could expand to include travel.

Note: There is no top limit on earnings, which is why the range is so wide. We do not want sales people who will not earn at least $100K per year after their first year.

Compensation: Salary + Commission and Incentives

Employment type: full-time

CFD Modeler(Computational Fluid Dynamics)

Andover Protection Systems, LLC seeks a specialist in Computational Fluid Dynamics to assist with modeling airflows and the movement of particles inside our HVAC products.

Among other products, the company designs and manufactures filter-less air-cleaning blowers that blow and clean the air and other gases without any filter elements. To grow our product line and to adapt our equipment to meet the requirements of customers, we need to accelerate further our R&D activities by adding more computer modeling.

Some of our patents allow us to do things that have never been done before with the separation of particles from gases. As a result, your work will contribute to the cutting edge in air-handling technology.

As our CFD modeler, you will work with our product designers, other R&D people, and salespeople to use their inputs to help improve, shrink, reconfigure and otherwise develop our existing products. You will also help them to develop new products to meet customers’ needs.
In addition, you will help develop products based on our newest and most revolutionary patent.
You will also use your knowledge and experience gained from other industrial projects to assist us in the development and manufacture of our equipment.

Extensive experience with CFD modeling.
Experience with manufacturing and working with others to analyze their needs and aid them in developing modifications or new products.
Citizen of the United States.
Military clearance an asset.
Knowledge of the performance of different materials, including coatings, a plus.

Personal Attributes:
Ability to recognize and capitalize on technologies in use or being developed outside the Company and to share them with our team
Inquisitive and anxious to learn and to take initiative
Excellence at breaking down and explaining concepts
Patience, especially with other staff members
Preference for new projects over doing the “same old thing”
Able to work with others at all levels of an organization so all are comfortable

Our need is immediate. This position can be completely in-house or partially remote.

Compensation: $30.00 – $40.00 per hour based on experience
Job Types: Part-time, Partially Remote

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter here:

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