Munition and Fuel Storage

Equipment operating in remote locations, often needs to run unattended for long periods. If that equipment is working in hazardous gas or dust environments, they need dependable components that are durable and that require little maintenance. All filter media needs regular maintenance and since they need to be replaced periodically, replacements must be purchased, transported to the remote area and when they are used up, they must be disposed of. When environments in which they work contain hazardous gases or dusts, their motors and controls must be suitable for the explosive gases and dusts. Hazardous-duty Air-Cleaning BlowersTM (ACBs) offer the advantage that they do not need filter media or its maintenance so that they need a minimum of attention. APS’ hazardous-duty refrigerant compressors are not only durable themselves, (most are heavy-duty scrolls) but they also eliminate the need for open compressors with their belts that loosen, vibrate and wear out and their seals that often leak. Hence, they too are especially suitable for remote, unattended applications.

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